Thursday, March 31, 2011

The X-acto Knife (again).

A few posts ago I talked to you all about the x-acto knife. Well, today I am going to talk about it again.

The x-acto knife has a lot of benefits and is really the best tool in the stencilist's arsenal.

The x-acto knife comes in a variety of blades and handles. X-acto offers such an extensive selection to fit any needs you need met.

As I mention in my link in the first line of this post, the original x-acto knife is the best.

It cuts with great precision and more importantly it cuts with ease.

There are a few problems when using the x-acto knife: the first problem is that if you press too hard you may break the tip of the blade and there goes the best part of the knife, and the second problem is that, again, if you press too hard you may split the tip of your finger open.

So, go and check out my link and also check out other reviews about the great products from X-acto.

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  1. I used an xacto knife for a wood carving art project and it was great! You should post pictures of your projects on here because I bet their great.