About Me

I am a huge fan of stenciling. I haven't been stenciling long but so far I love it. It really is tons of fun.

I really just stumbled onto stenciling. I started out drawing and tracing and wanted to put those designs onto, well, anything and everything.

I do all kinds of stencils. I do everything from works of art to original pieces. This is just a hobby for now and who knows if things go the right way this could be a launching pad for successful career. Odds are it will only remain a hobby and that is more than fine.

I am here to teach the tips and hints for beginning stencil artists.

The blogs that will be posted will be to teach you how to stencil. I will teach you how to draw original pieces and how to trace existing pieces of art. I urge you not to sell any copy righted works. This is for fun and not profit.

I will also be teaching you about the tools I use to create a stencil.

Making a stencil does take time. Depending on the size of the stencil will depend on the time it takes to complete it. The bigger the stencil the more time it will take to finish. On average I can finish a stencil in about an hour. This includes tracing and cutting.
I would love to answer any questions you might have and I am looking forward to hearing from all of you.

This is my first blog attempt, ever. So, all I ask is that you be gentle with me. Thank you and enjoy.