Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Choosing a stencil

Choosing what to stencil is easily the most important part of stenciling. This ofcourse should be of no surprise.

While you are thinking about what to stencil you should be thinking about whether or not you are going to draw it or print it out and just cut out the pre-drawn image.

A pre-drawn stencil is clearly going to be less time consuming. The only realy work will be to trace it onto poster board and just cut it out.

Pre-drawn stencils are fun and a great way to make a t-shirt look cooler. This ofcourse also works for your own art but putting a logo or drawing on your shirt that everyone knows is a fun way to attract a lot of attention.

All you have to do is trace the pre-drawn image on poster board, cut it out, and spray paint it on your shirt and voila an instant graphic tee.

If you decide that you would like to draw and design your own stencil; now, this is where the true art lies. Designing a stencil is a lot of fun and a lot of time.

For those of you out there with great artistic talent and have always wanted to have your art out there in the world, on buildings for all to see then this is for your.

There is a famous stencil artist named Banksy and boy is he damn good. If you have never heard of this guy you need to go and check him out right now before you continue reading any more about stenciling.

Seriously, the guy is incredible and very inspiring especially to a novice stencil artist like myself. Now, if you want to be that good then you better get started.

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  1. When are you going to stencil me something Bradley?